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Here in Atlanta, we’re fortunate to be so close to so many recreational lakes such as Lake Lanier, Lake Oconee, Lake Burton and Lake Allatoona. But a relaxing day out on a lake can turn horrific with a boating accident. Drivers of boats and Jet Skis have the same responsibility as an auto driver. If you’ve been injured by another boater’s negligence, call a boating accident attorney at John Foy & Associates, one of Atlanta’s largest personal injury law firms.

We’re specialists in personal injury law, we’ve been serving Atlanta for more than 20 years. Our only mission is to help you recover medically and to get you the best possible financial recovery.

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I was injured from a boat accident. What steps should I take?
Is it possible to sue?

Treat your boating accident as seriously as you would a car wreck. Document, as well as you can, what happened. Call 911 and make a police report. Officers will write a report and help you get any necessary medical help. If your phone still works, take as many photos as possible of all the boats involved, the condition of your boat, the scene and anything that you think might be relevant to the accident. Try to get names and telephone numbers of any witnesses. Immediately get whatever medical care you need. After that, before you call anyone else, call a personal injury attorney. Our specialists at John Foy & Associates will work side by side with you and provide all the help you need.

Most people are in a hurry to move past an accident and put it in the past. Unfortunately, insurance companies are also in a hurry to settle, in fact the sooner they can close the case, the better served they are. Take a breath, call a personal injury attorney. We’ll help you cooperate with all the insurance companies involved, but we will protect you along the way. Do not sign any insurance paperwork or agree to make a recorded statement without first consulting us.

Of course we want you to tell the truth, but we want to control the flow of information. Insurance companies have no right to much of your information, for example whether you have insurance or whether you were treated for some prior irrelevant condition.

Our investigators and associates will work hard with the complicated process of proving who is liable for the accident. If you have any questions, call us at 404-800-4899. It’s much better to ask and get the answers you need now.

What type of compensation can I receive?

If another boater is determined to be at fault in an accident, you have the right to recover the following:

Do the same DUI laws apply for a driver of a boat in the state of Georgia?

The legal alcohol limit in Georgia for a driver of a boat or a car is .08. This is known as the “Jake and Griffin Prince BUI Law.” If you are injured in a DUI, you are eligible for punitive damages, which are above and beyond the typical compensatory damages of property and bodily injury claims. Punitive damages are designed to punish to offender, especially if the driver is a repeat offender.

Any DUI case can be very profitable for the plaintiff. Our staff at John Foy & Associates will research to see if the driver has prior convictions.

What are some of the more common causes of boating injuries and fatalities?

Both nationally and in Georgia, many water sport accidents involve Jet Skis. Often drivers are renters who don’t ride Jet Skis very often and are not comfortable handling a large water machine. Jet Ski drivers tend to be young and more reckless. Add to this equation the fact that millions of people visit our Georgia lakes each year. And they go to have fun. That means alcohol use. Boaters tend to be relaxed when they should be driving defensively. “Assume that a good number of people have been drinking,” said our firm founder John Foy. And because you are driving on water, any collision can result in drowning.

What is the statute of limitations for boating accidents in the state of Georgia?

The statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is two years in Georgia. However, there are exceptions to the law that only an attorney would know. Cities, counties, municipalities, Indian reservations and cruise ships all have much shorter periods of statutes of limitations..

Don’t forfeit your right to sue by waiting too long to call a personal injury attorney.

What if I was on a cruise out of state or in a different country and involved in an accident? Should I work with an attorney in that state/country or in my home state of Georgia?

John Foy & Associates has handled claims against big cruise ship lines. Because accidents often happen in international waters, cruise lines have different requirements. You need local representation that you trust. If necessary, we’ll call in an attorney from another state, but don’t worry–we only work with people we trust and respect. And you will never be double charged for representation.

“We’ll do all we can to help as the local attorney and if a suit needs to be filed in another state I am well connected and will get you someone I am confident in,’’ says founder Foy.

What if a loved one was killed as a result of a boating accident? Can a family member sue on their behalf?

Yes, you can. In Georgia, you have the right to sue when another party is at fault for a relative’s death. The appropriate party can recover the “full value of the life of the decedent” and any settlement takes into account the deceased’s age, education and income abilities. At John Foy & Associates we will do all we can to help the family during this most difficult time.

Has your law firm handled many boat accident cases?

We’ve been practicing personal injury law in Atlanta, Ga., for more than 20 years, so you can be certain John Foy & Associates has seen its share of boating accidents. With all the lakes surrounding our city, we’ve represented many clients who have had boating accidents and have secured significant recoveries.

I don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford an attorney. Will you still take my case?

You don’t need money to start a personal injury claim with an attorney. We only get paid if there is a recovery. We’re here to get you the best medical care and to get your boat repaired or replaced.

John Foy & Associates is a large, established law firm in Atlanta so we can afford to take our time and get you the best settlement.

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