Personal Injury Lawyers in Decatur

If you or anyone you know has been involved in an accident through no fault of your own, you have a legal right to compensation.  Whether you need to recover costs for hospital bills, medication, or even time missed from work, the lawyers of John Foy & Associates are here to help.  Known as the “Strong Arm of the Law,” John Foy & Associates has been successfully serving residents of Decatur for more than 20 years.  Let us help you. 

When you contact John Foy & Associates, we will give you a free sit-down consultation where we answer your questions, help you decide if you have a claim, and provide you with clear next steps.  Don’t face your injury alone.  Call John Foy & Associates at 404-800-4899 and get your free consultation today. 

What should I do if I’ve been injured?

Take your injury seriously.  Even injuries that seem minor at first can end up costing you a substantial amount of money.  Document everything, from how the injury happened to what the doctor said at your appointment, and take simple steps to protect your right.  The two most important things you can do after your injury are:

  1. Don’t sign ANYTHING from the insurance company. In most cases, once you report your accident the insurance company will want to settle quickly offering to pay the least amount of money possible.  While the initial sum may be tempting, it may not cover subsequent medical bills and employment struggles.  Remember, when you sign a check from the insurer, you are signing away your right to the rest of the money you deserve.  Put aside anything they send you and get a professional legal opinion first.
  2. Contact a Decatur personal injury lawyer. Dealing with insurance companies can be confusing, and they have a team of lawyers working against you.  Having a lawyer of your own levels the playing field and shows that you are not going to settle for less than you deserve.  An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to bargain with the insurance company and how to make sure that they are the ones under pressure, not you. 

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

The only way you will know for certain is to contact a lawyer who understands these types of claims.  Do not assume your injury was an “accident” or couldn’t have been prevented, and above all, do not blame yourself.  Under the law, most injuries are not accidents.  Usually they are caused by someone’e negligence.  To the law, if another person (or business) was careless or inattentive, and that’s why you got hurt, then you have a valid claim and you are eligible for a financial recovery. 

Personal injury claims include more than car accidents and falls.  The most frequent types of personal injury accidents include:

Never assume that you don’t have a claim until you have spoken to a lawyer. 

Will I have to go to court for my claim?

In most cases, going to court is not necessary because the majority of personal injury cases don’t require a trial.  Our team of lawyers will construct a well-documented argument demonstrating how you were injured and the total cost of the accident.  Once we have a solid case, we take the insurance company to the negotiation table and push them to offer you a fair recovery.  In many cases this is all it takes to get the money you need. 

In some cases the insurance company won’t budge.  If this happens we will give you our advice on whether we believe we can win for you in the local courts.  If you decide to go forward we will represent you every step of the way and make the process simple.  It is always your choice whether to take the case to court or not. 

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Decatur?

You should never pay anything up front to speak to a personal injury lawyer.  While many law firms charge up-front fees, this rarely works to your best interest: it puts you in the position of paying them whether they win your money or not.  At John Foy & Associates we believe we should not get paid unless we succeed on your behalf.  That’s why we only take our fee as a percentage from the money we recover for you.  This method guarantees a no win, no fee arrangement and no out of pocket expenses.

We want our legal help to be as simple and affordable as possible:

We believe that this creates a fair, no-risk way for you to get professional legal assistance.

How long can I wait to file an injury claim in Decatur?

The City of Decatur has strict deadlines in place for all personal injury claims.  These are laid out by both federal law and Georgia state laws.  The exact deadlines vary depending on the nature of the case, but in general:

This is in addition to any requirements insurance companies have for reporting an accident, which can be much tighter. 

Never wait to file your claim.  If the time limit expires, you could lose your chance to gain a financial settlement at all.  It’s crucial that you talk to a personal injury lawyer as early as possible. 

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