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Were You Hurt on Someone’s Property?

Premises LiabilityIn Georgia, premises liability is used to describe the laws applied when someone is injured on another person’s property. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be entitled to receive money from the property owner, manager, or others responsible for keeping the area safe. Typically, your premises liability lawyer will be required to prove the property owner had “notice” or should have known about the unsafe condition that led to your accident and injury. But do not assume you don’t have a case. There are many factors that our experienced dangerous property attorneys will consider based on your specific situation.

Our slip and fall attorneys can help you recover the money you deserve!

In the metro Atlanta area and throughout Georgia and Florida, the experienced lawyers at John Foy & Associates can help you obtain your financial recovery from all negligent parties. We have helped many clients receive premises liability compensation from negligent landlords, business owners, municipal entities, parking lot managers, apartment management companies, nursing homes, shopping mall owners, and owners and managers of other premises where visitors, patrons, tenants, or customers have gotten hurt or sick, or have died.

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Premise Injury Lawyers of Georgia

If you’ve been injured on someone’s property and want to seek compensation, our team of highly-trained premise injury lawyers based in Georgia can help. Call today for a free consultation.


Contact an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall accident can be serious. A broken hand, a broken leg, muscle pulls or spasms…or even worse like a back injury or hip injury, traumatic brain injury, permanent or temporary disability, or even death.

Dangerous slip and fall accidents can occur unexpectedly and very suddenly. These can be caused by any number of different issues like wet floors, loose carpeting or even uneven flooring. But, when they are due to negligence on the part of others, such as the owner of a property, the victims should be compensated and John Foy and Associates, The Strong Arm attorney, can help.

For example, if you fall in a store and are injured, the owner of the store may be liable, especially if he/she was aware of and did nothing to repair the dangerous condition or obstacle that caused the incident. Even if the owner is unaware, that is no defence. The proplerty owner is responsible for the safety of all those who walk on the property.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a slip and fall accident due to negligence on another’s part, you need to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney today. You need to act fast, before the statute of limitations expires.

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