Truck Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Get an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer on the Case!

Your 18 wheeler law expert will want you to understand all of the details regarding your case. The first step is your initial consultation with your new attorney. This is a time to discuss all case details. Be comfortable. Tell your story. Do not hold anything back. You and your new representative have lawyer/client confidentiality. This means you can tell them anything, and you should. Honesty is the best policy because it prepares your law expert for knowing how to proceed with your case. If someone against your claim happens to discover a detail that you left out, it could end up costing you your whole settlement.

Truck Accident Situations

  • Distracted Driving
  • Truck Driver Fatigue
  • Lane Shifting
  • Speeding, Load Shift, Cargo Overload
  • Dangerous or Defective Road Conditions
  • Collision in Truckers Lane
  • Improper Truck Maintenance, Vehicle Systems Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Driver Inexperience

After your consultation, your truck accident lawyer will begin working on your behalf. It is likely you will be asked to appear for a deposition. This is a time where all parties involved have an opportunity to question everyone. It is likely your accident lawyer will question you, the negligent party’s attorney(s) and even the insurance company. Take notes about your accident and save them for this occasion.  

A Lawyer Understands Your 18 Wheeler Accident

18 wheeler accidents may be considered the most disastrous form of auto collisions. Despite all precautions for safety, accidents will continue to occur as long as automotive vehicles are on the road. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable fact. Laws regarding how a large truck accident must be reported do vary by state. In fact, there are numerous federal regulations which govern interstate trucking. Check with your local authority if you would like to be sure that the law is adhered to. Protect yourself by driving safely. Be sure to be aware of local and state laws as a delivery truck driver. If the delivery truck was business owned, the business should have an insurance policy to protect the driver and the vehicle. An attorney is well-versed in delivery truck crashes and advocates for special results other than the minimal payouts required by mandated law. We know what to look for in these situations. The standard checklists should include tire checks to prevent blowouts, proper routine maintenance to prevent break downs, and break checks at intervals that allow working brakes. Get the accident compensation you deserve by filing a claim with a professional of law who knows how to communicate the legal terms for you.

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