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personal injury lawyer georgia-5Georgia truck wrecks are not any fun to be around or a part of, and there are ways that they can be prevented. One of the ways is to adequately screen and train potential drivers. If a driver is overconfident, it can cause them to make unnecessary mistakes. If you are looking to become a truck driver, there is a lot of thought that must be put into the decision, because there are many long hours spent alone on the road, which leaves little time for anything else. There is also the potentiality of wrecks.

If you were involved in a truck accident that involved an 18 wheeler, delivery truck or any other kind of commercial truck in Georgia, call John Foy and Associates PC at 800-929-1972 today and have the Strong Arm lawyer work for you! We know how to deal with these complicated cases, and can get you the compensation you need to pay off medical expenses, loss wages and other losses. 



Georgia Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Here at truck accident attorney 101, we want you to understand all of the details regarding your case.  The first step is your initial consultation with your new lawyer.  This is a time to discuss all case details.  Be comfortable.  Tell your story.  Do not hold anything back.  You and your new lawyer have lawyer/client confidentiality.  This means you can tell them anything, and you should.  Honesty is the best policy because it prepares your lawyer for the case.  If the insurance company, or their truck attorneys, happen to discover something you left out it may cost you your whole case.  Prepare your lawyer for everything by giving them every detail.

After your consultation, your truck accident lawyer will begin working on your behalf.  It may be quite a while before you are called on again.  Truck accident attorney 101 would like you to know that it is likely you will be asked to appear for a deposition.  This is a time where all parties involved have an opportunity to question everyone.  It is likely your truck accident lawyer will question you, the negligent party’s attorney(s) and even the insurance company.  It is important that both you and your truck crash lawyr are prepared for this questioning.  Take notes about your truck wreck and save them for this occasion.  If you haven’t contacted an Georgia truck accident lawyer yet, you are urged to do so.  If you require compensation for your Georgia  truck wreck injuries, you better believe that John Foy & Associates are here to get you what you deserve. Contact us today or fill out our FREE case evaluation on our website.


Facts About 18 Wheeler Truck Accidents in Georgia

Truck accidents may be the most common and the most disastrous form of auto collisions. Despite all precautions for safety accidents will occur. If the delivery truck was business owned, the business will usually have an insurance policy taken out to protect the driver and the vehicle. A lawyer specialized in delivery truck crashes and sometimes advocate for special results other than the minimal payouts required by mandated law. Specifics vary by state and region, so check with your local authority to be sure that the law is adhered to.

Laws vary by region and state regarding how large truck wrecks must be reported.  Protect yourself by driving safely. Be sure to be aware of local and state laws as a delivery truck driver. The previously mentioned precautions should be taken in all cases and regular inspections should be kept to make sure that delivery trucks are in top condition giving the driver the best possible chance for safe driving practices. These checklists should include tire checks to prevent blowouts, proper routine maintenance to prevent break downs, and break checks at intervals that allow working brakes.

personal injury lawyer georgia-4If you are injured in a delivery truck accident an 18-wheeler or any other type of commercial truck, contact John Foy & Associates today representative to amend any incurred damages. Call today at 800-929-1972 for a free consultation! Get the compensation you deserve.



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