Oklahoma Boy Injured in Bounce House Accident

Bounce houses have become popular stapes at children’s parties, festivals, and carnivals alike. While a source of fun and exercise for the children who play within, they are not without their dangers. Reports of them deflating, and in one case, actually going airborne, have been made. WSB Radio reports on a child who was injured while playing inside a bounce house at a popular restaurant.

A boy in Oklahoma is recovering from an injury he received while playing inside a bounce house.

The family visited the Incredible Pizza location on Warr Acres, a visit which ended in the 5-year-old Bentley asking if he was going to die.

On November 5, the family visited the restaurant and their son played inside the bouncy house. This is when a hook that was located inside a padded wrecking ball came loose and tore into the toddler’s arm.

He cried out, “I’m stuck!” His mother reacted, picking him up and undoing the clip and sliding it out of his arm. When the small boy saw all of the blood, he asked if he was going to die.

The boy was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery. While the wound was sewed up, the boy might have future surgeries and physical therapy to look forward to.

The insurance company is involved, but it is unclear whether they will pay for the cost of treating the child’s injuries.

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