Crossing Guard Struck and Killed by Vehicle

School crossing guards are a common sight at schools across Georgia, people who are responsible for ensuring our children are able to cross streets safely. Traffic laws require drivers to obey the instructions of these people. Most people obey these instructions, but there are times when people choose to try and get away with not following their directions. Unfortunately, one such incident resulted in the death of a well-known crossing guard, as WSB Radio reports.

The incident occurred last Thursday, November 30 in the morning hours. The crossing guard was directing traffic outside a Cobb County middle school at the time of the incident.

Lamonte Roosevelt Whitaker, 38, struck and killed the 64-year-old Edna Umeh of Austell. Umeh was directing traffic outside Lindley Middle School at the time of the accident.

It was about 9 a.m. outside the school when a vehicle swerved into the center lane. Umeh directed the vehicle to stop and tried to move out of the way. The vehicle struck her, and according to witnesses, she was flung into the air and landed back on the roadway.

Responding emergency crews had to cut the top of the car off to free the driver, Whitaker. The vehicle that Whitaker was driving had an Uber sticker in the window, but it was unclear if he was driving for the service at the time.

Another crossing guard who was also on duty at the time was not injured.

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