Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident on GA 365

18 Wheeler Fatal AccidentAn accident at the intersection of GA Highway 365 and Howard Road has claimed more lives over this past weekend. Friday morning a pickup truck turned in front of a 18 wheeler resulting in a chain reaction that would claim three lives and injure several more.

The pickup made a left turn into a gas station but was not able to get out of the 18 wheeler’s path in time. The 18 wheeler tried to avoid the smaller vehicle but was unable to and in the process the 18 wheeler flipped onto its side. An expectant SUV was unfortunate enough to be traveling behind the 18 wheeler and with the lack of light crashed into the back of the overturned truck.  As well as a vehicle sitting in an adjoining lane to the 18 wheeler that became entangled in the wreckage.

The two occupants of the pickup truck and the SUV did not survive the accident. But the driver of the 18 wheeler was trapped in the cab of the vehicle, gas station attendants were able to pull him from the wreckage. He was then taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in critical condition. The passengers of the vehicle trapped in the carnage, two adults and two children, were taken to the hospital for treatment but their conditions were not released.

It took officers and first responders a total of nine hours to clear the accident form the road way. Not only was there a fuel spill but the 18 wheeler had a refrigerator trailer that was loaded fully loaded with frozen chicken, all which had to be relocated to a different vehicle. Residents say that there is at least one major accident at this intersection each month. A signal light was recently placed at this intersection in hopes that it would help drivers be more cautions and safer in their travels.

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